About Me

After graduating from the School of Business at Oregon State University, I spent 15 years in corporate America holding management positions within May Company Department Stores and technical sales positions within IBM.    I officially resigned from the corporate world after the birth of my second child and have pursued the nutritional aspects of my new found passion for health and wellness while raising a family.

The significance of whole food nutrition in balance with rest and exercise became very apparent through my experience with infants and young children.  Course work and research to aid in sleep and behavior patterns within my own family ignited my passion for educating others.  The fact that even the simplest variations in diet could impact behavior and health so quickly in these young bodies was fascinating to me.  Could it do the same for adults?  The answer came back a resounding YES!

This new found passion sent me back to school for a certification in whole food nutrition as a Certified Nutritional Therapist.

Certification as a Nutritional Therapist offers me an avenue to share my knowledge and help others attain health and sustained wellness via whole food nutritional education and lifestyle balancing concepts.  What, how and when we eat can positively impact all aspects of life.

Thanks to My Friends and Family

As I made discoveries about our food and food system, I shared with friends.  After hearing from them, “could you please write that down” enough times, I did.  The research has culminated in a guide titled “Get UnRefined” and it focuses on simplifying the process of understanding how, what and why to eat for long-term health.

I have spent the majority of my life in Oregon where fresh grown healthy food options are abundant.  I also grew up with a mother who cooked home prepared meals, training my tastes at a young age toward whole foods, not packages of what I call food substitutes.

I live in Portland Oregon with my husband and two children.  We enjoy waterskiing, snow skiing, running, biking, hiking, traveling and just about anything where we can be outside and moving.  Balancing the demands of family and my passion for creating healthy eating and lifestyle programs for clients offer my reasons for getting up in the morning.

I invite you to join me in exploring whole food nutrition as a simple means to making a significant difference in your quality of life!

~ Sheila Landis