Classes / Presentations

Group Classes
The support of a group can be of huge benefit when making changes.  I welcome an inner office group, group of friends, or join one of mine.  My class teachings are typically customized to the group I am working with though they evolve around the same principles and teachings.  For information or a sample schedule contact me directly. 

I am passionate about the power food and nutrition can have on health.  If you have a group who would like more information on how even the simplest changes can prevent the medications in the future, I welcome the opportunity to share some insights into the facts not readily circulated in the media. 

Much of my presentation materials I refer to as “cocktail party” questions.  Most social gatherings I attend usually culminate with me answering questions pertaining to someone’s family member, child or self and a current symptom.  Though I try to separate business and pleasure, everyone is looking for information pertaining to maintaining and improving health.  Food is a very natural place to start and increasingly difficult to figure out.

Sample Course Outline

Six Week Women’s Focus Course – Why isn’t my diet working?

•  Week One
– Tips to plan and prepare, course overview.

•  Week Two
– Digestion and assimilation
– The importance of how and what
– Supplements and Vitamins

•  Week Three
– Break it down: Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrate

•  Week Four
– Fat Burners / Fat Builders

•  Week Five
– Detoxification / Clean Food, Clean Water

•  Week Six
– Hot Topics: High cholesterol, Antidepressants, Sleeping pills, Antacids

Healthy Eating for Kids – One hour presentation

•  Who’s making the choice, you or them

•  What kids need to know about food

•  What are the essential avoids

•  Food and Behavior

•  Building their Immune Systems for Life