Corporate Wellness

I am intimately familiar with the demands of top producing teams after spending years in corporate America. From my positions in retail stores and buying offices to my time in technology sales with IBM, I understand the pressures, deadlines, time commitments AND the toll they take on the body.

The toll is evidenced in symptoms: Fatigue, high cholesterol, weight gain, chronic pain, digestive upset (IBS), migraine headaches, eczema, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc…..

The Right Fit for Your Group

Take Your Body Back encompasses a series of courses I developed after years of research,
working with Naturopathic physicians, and even trying numerous stupid diets. It is rich in
the basics of food and what those bites do inside you. Matching foods to the systems they
support will give you the knowledge to become your own health advocate. The courses and workshops specifically address the pitfalls in our nutritional and lifestyle choices and introduce simple ideas and food options that will promote health and healing with the power of real food! I offer workshops on‐site and provide all materials.


Liven up lunch in your office with some scoop on what’s in the bag, box, package you just
opened. I welcome the opportunity to introduce your group to WHY they need to eat REAL

Topics include:

• What’s a healthy fat?
• Are high protein diets effective?
• Fueling to prevent fatigue.
• What about supplements?

Has the crazy lifestyle and complicated food system become overwhelming? Just want some simple answers to head you in the right direction? Perhaps some support as you embark upon change?

Gather your group and let’s get energized and healthy.

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References available upon request