A healthy detoxification can:

• Boost Immune Function - Minimizing exposure to allergens to remove stress from the body freeing the immune system to aid the removal of stored toxins.

• Enable Metabolism - Replenishing mineral balance with an increased consumption of mineral and vitamin rich foods.  Favoring fruits and vegetables organically grown in nutrient rich soils over animal based products for a short period of time can spark your body’s enzymatic processes to more efficiently burn through fats and toxins.

• Improve GI Function - Removing all refined carbohydrates promotes GI integrity through increased fiber consumption and removal of foods that are inflammatory to bowels. Refined carbohydrates also deplete nutrients essential to proper bowel function (i.e. B vitamins).

• Prevent Disease - Liver detoxification optimizes long-term support for blood sugar regulation, metabolism and hormone balance.  Our daily regimen of toxins in the form of pesticides, hormone and antibiotic laden animal products, chemical preservatives and taste enhancers all require the liver to convert them. An overabundance of toxin exposure encourages their storage in fat tissue in the body where they degrade cellular integrity and contribute to disease.

I do support clients through moderate nutritional cleanses. To determine if your body is ready to detoxify and cleanse, I recommend working with a health professional.