Get Started

Not sure what your first step should be?  Your greatest stride toward improved health can be simply cleaning up your diet.  Make the information easily accessible and support it with why it matters, and people begin to change habits, retrain tastes and look and feel better!

Quick start will offer you guidance at a conceptual level with some specifics on do’s and don’ts.  These are practices you can put in place today!   I also recommend purchasing my Get UnRefined Guide offering you specific “what to buy lists” and greater detail.

Personalized Programs can help you take the next step.  More often than not, the health concerns that are offering you symptoms require some exploration on which systems may not be functioning optimally.
A nutritional re-building will take place as we work through your personalized plan.

Whether you prefer one-on-one guidance or would like to be part of group, I welcome the opportunity to work with you.

I pair my knowledge with your input to find avenues to design a healthier you.  I guide you toward the foods that work for your body and provide insights on how to prepare foods to get the most flavor and nutritive value.   You set the pace and cater the selections to your tastes and your body.

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