How We Got Refined

Convenience.  It started centuries before our generations as groups began to congregate and no longer to had to hunt for food.  They planted grains, domesticated animals and slowly removed themselves from their food sources.  Today we have no idea where most of our food comes from.  Our tastes have been retrained over centuries to enjoy refined grains instead of chewing, and to sweeten most everything.  Your food preferences are not entirely your own doing. They have evolved out of a national focus on convenience and profit.

Hereditary Disease
Now we also believe disease is hereditary.  Some elements perhaps, but much research indicates disease is caused by repeating the same bad habits your ancestors did.  “I grew up eating this and I’m okay.”  Yeah till you hit 40 or 50 and your body is done with abuse.  Symptoms rear, and your hereditary high cholesterol and high blood pressure appear. Hmmmm.

Profits and Food Giants

This is truly what we all want to overlook.  We want to believe that what we are told to eat is safe, both by the FDA and media.  That what appears on the shelf in the grocery store is food.  Unfortunately, if it can survive bacteria free for months and even years, it truly isn’t your best choice.  Do the bacteria have more discerning taste than you do?  Consider the source and motivation of the messenger telling you a food or pill is natural, healthy, safe, good for you….
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The High Cost of Cheap Food
The statistics of our nation prove what we have been told is “healthy” and what is offered at our local drives thrus as food, is linked more closely to profit than nutrition.
All of our chronic diseases continue to rise in the face of our low fat, fake fat, and diet crazed practices.  The information I put forth and the resources I offer you will point you in a new direction.  There are numerous products on the market that support healthier eating practices and my mission is to help you find them.  You must also embrace the concept of real food.  Good news is that includes things like butter!
Continuing down these paths that are not physiologically sound out of convenience is offering you and especially the next generations behind you, chronic disease.  If you are on a low fat, processed food plan void of protein, vegetable and fruit based carbohydrates, and no healthy SATURATED fats, you have likely arrived at the symptom stage.