Symptoms are motivation.  Start there.

 I can help with the your what as in what to eat and not to eat.  I will educate you on why you need to care, which makes change compelling and commitment easier.  I intend to get you enthused about your why.  If you are surfing around this site, you have identified that part of your why must involve a change in what you eat.  To learn more about how to work with me see the My Approach tab on this site.  To dive right in, click here to Get Started!

I hope this information inspires you to make even the simplest changes as those often offer amazing results.  As a culture we have made food so complex, we need experts to translate what we should be eating and better yet, what we shouldn’t. 

I intend to simplify the confusion.  It truly is possible to retrain your tastes and change some bad habits.  Prepare to enjoy food in satiating moderation as you explore UnRefined, REAL FOOD.