My Approach

The foundation of my practice as a Nutritional Therapist is all about balance.
Balancing food, lifestyle and exercise to optimize energy and long-term health starts with whole food nutrition and some knowledge of how the body functions best.   Whole food nutrition is simply, unrefined foods. 

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is a whole body approach to nutritional advice.  As a practitioner, I evaluate each individual’s symptoms and pair recommendations for food and lifestyle changes to improve overall long-term health. 

Individual details come from:

1) Client input on their current food preferences, health concerns, symptoms and lifestyle with a three part health survey.

2) Utilizing some knowledge and analysis tools to further pinpoint opportunities to improve health through optimizing nutritional and lifestyle elements specific to each individual.

3) An in-depth review of the findings, some education and recommendations on HOW, WHAT, and WHEN to eat, offering a long-term sustainable plan for health and energy.

 Why is this important?
Separating food through a “diet plan” from the other elements of your life and how your body functions (or malfunctions) will not offer you results.  You are a finely tuned machine comprised of genetic code and environmental factors.  How you choose to influence that genetic code through lifestyle and food choices is truly the foundation for your health.  My role is to show you YOUR path.

From migraine headaches, high cholesterol and weight issues to ulcers and eczema, yup, it’s all about your food and lifestyle.  You don’t have to live with symptoms.  Symptoms are a sign of a malfunction, a not so finely tuned body.  I refer to symptoms as my clients’ WHY.  I am here to tell you it is never too late to turn back time and offer your body a break from symptoms!

I look forward to working with your Why!