My Guide

My guide offers a simple overview of how to make healthy food choices by category.  Section One is broken into major food groups from grains to dairy with charts of my first picks in each category and my cautions on the not so great options lurking on the shelves of most grocery stores. It helps you figure out WHAT to buy. 

Ever looked at the ingredients list and had no idea what half the stuff was?  Section Two is the WHY explaining in brief factual format some of the more common misconceptions about food and demystifying and even cautioning details of what is in many of those packages.

My guide is brief and to the point designed as a starting place for those seeking to revise or completely overhaul their diet and confused about where to begin.  It grew out of the requests from many of my friends, family and co-workers who asked if I could “please write that down”.
It is not full of recipes or diet plans, those are everywhere.  It is a tool to aid your efforts to Get UnRefined and improve your quality of life without a pill. 

To all my friends who have encouraged me to write it down. The just net  it out, and give me the “stay away from that and buy this” guide!

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