Nutritional Plans

Customizing a nutritional plan around your body is going to expedite your health objectives.  Each individual has different taste preferences, time available, and interest in the kitchen.  Back to chemistry, sensitivities and allergies can play a huge role in your body’s ability to assimilate nutrients.  Your best approach is some education on how to read the signals your body is sending and respond appropriately.

To follow are some of the general guidelines I offer clients as they begin to focus and adapt their eating practices.  Each option is highlighted and then available in more detail by clicking on the link. 

Healthy Food List
This is the basics.  If it’s on this list, it falls into the approved category in my book assuming it is properly prepared and consumed.  A great starting point as you look to expand into new categories of real food is my guide: Get UnRefined, a simplified approach to healthier eating. It will aid in the actual selection process further describing each category and how to shop for it.

Purpose: optimize long-term health and address chronic symptoms
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Clean Eating
Think of it as eating without the package….
This program removes the major allergens from your food repertoire for a period of time and then allows you to slowly add them back.  It is a great tool to begin to learn which foods you respond best to and those that are potentially contributing to symptoms.  My guide can also give you a snapshot of some of the concerns surrounding the containments present in our foods.

Purpose: identify and eliminate symptoms aggravated or caused by food
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Rebalancing Plan
Based on the single biggest contributor to weight gain, insulin, I think this can be an optimal place for anyone to start.  It gives you practice at planning what you are going to eat, doesn’t let you get hungry, and begins to retrain your tastes and change some old habits.

Purpose: begin to retrain taste and blood hormone levels
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Reset Plan
This is not for the faint of heart, nor for the blood sugar challenged.  This is essentially a mild detoxification and should only be considered if you are versed in how your body functions.  Adverse symptoms can be uncomfortable and somewhat debilitating if your body is not ready to “cleanse” itself.
Purpose: mildly cleanse and detoxify the body
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