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The majority of neutraceutical providers that I work with distribute through Emerson Ecologics.  As a courtesy to my clients I offer the ability to log directly into Emerson and order your own products through my practitioner status.  Your purchases ship directly to your home or office, no special trips!   This vast source of high quality health related products is not open to the public and is offered through this site as a convenience to my clients.   

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You will be emailed my access codes and a link allowing you to register directly with Emerson.  On your first visit you will create your personal account log-in information.  For future visits, simply click the link below and log in. I have opened the entire suite of offerings to you as well as my suggestions. 

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Sunwarrior is a complete hypoallergenic protein with 9 essential amino acids and other non-essential amino acids, offering one of the highest complete non soy protein profiles available in the market. Unlike the extraction processes of other proteins, Sunwarrior uses neither chemicals nor acid hydrolysis. Only organic enzymes are used during the process making it 100% Organic Compliant. It is a raw whole grain sprouted vegan protein that can be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and as the occasional meal replacement. Raw sprouting preserves the natural nutrients and makes this a highly absorbable, quick energy source. Chocolate and vanilla flavors in addition to the plain option make it a quick on the go healthy source of protein and key nutrients.  Mix with some fresh fruit and almond or coconut milk for additional nutrients and flavor.

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Garden of Life offers a wide selection of products from vitamins to protein and fiber powders.  All their products are allergen free with no fillers, artificial flavors or synthetic ingredients. These are high quality plant based protein products with live probiotic and enzyme content, are gluten and dairy free, in an easily digestible, nutrient dense form.  When seeking a low carbohydrate protein option that is easily digestible, the absence of milk, whey, and soy is my recommendation.  Here are my Garden of Life personal favorites  Raw Protein, Raw Meal and Raw Fiber.

Their raw nature preserves vitamin and nutrients that can be lost to heat processed options. In their words, here are some highlights.

RAW Protein provides the following benefits:

• Provides RAW organic sprouted protein and live probiotics and enzymes

• Excellent source of protein – 17 grams and 33% Daily Value • Contains Vitamin Code RAW
    Food-Created Nutrients™ with their unique Code Factors™ intact, enabling natural
   recognition by your body

• Increases the protein content of meals – just add to food or beverages

• Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets

• Good for those on low carbohydrate diets

• Alternative to soy and animal protein powders

• Good for those with gastrointestinal sensitivities to milk, whey, soy and other protein sources

• Easily digested – supports digestive health and function with live probiotics and protein-
    digesting enzymes†

• Mixes well – great in shakes, smoothies and other beverages

GetUnRefined is an authorized retailer for Garden of Life products. To explore more of their offerings find them on the web at www.gardenoflife.com or contact me directly with questions.  For details on the products I mentioned above go to Products for Life/Foundational Nutrition on the Garden of Life website.  Orders may be placed by downloading the order form below, completing, and returning by email or fax.  Enjoy!


Essential Living Foods offers you direct access to your favorite superfoods and products. All products are clean, pure and ship to your front door!

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