Personalized Programs

Step 1: Complimentary Thirty Minute Consultation - We talk and determine if my skills and approach are a good fit for you.

Step 2: Nutritional Assessment
You complete an on-line Nutrtional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) that offers us a window into your body.  It takes approximately 20 minutes and will be emailed to you following our consultation.  

Step 3: What do you eat?
You will also receive a food journal to complete for 3 consecutive days.  BE HONEST.  Don’t pick your three best days.  Let’s work from what you actually eat.

Step 4: Lifestyle and Concerns
How can we best equip you to fuel your body that works within the parameters of your lifestyle, taste preferences, and current health status.  We match those elements to specific concerns you have pertaining to health.

The Result: An In- depth Personal Session
We will review the complete analysis including my recommendations for lifestyle and food         selections that have been determined based on the NAQ, Food Journals, and Health Questionnaire.  I will provide you a written plan that recaps what we discuss and includes my food and nutritional supplement recommendations.   This typically takes 60 - 90 minutes.

If you would like on-going input, I am happy to custom tailor an offering specifically for you.

Note: I am certified to make nutritional supplement suggestions.  I encourage clients to review any concerns they may have pertaining to changes in their diet or the addition of nutritional supplements with their primary care provider.  Supplements are not included in any pricing information listed here and are offered as a courtesy to my clients.