The  Problem  with  Refined

Your body was designed before the package.  Your digestive and assimilation processes read the chemical make-up of food not a label.  You eat a whole food, the digestive system finds proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins it can put to work in your body for energy, rebuilding and healing.

How Refined Foods equate to Symptoms and Chronic Disease
Grab the package and your body must decipher the strange ingredients.  It doesn’t read labels.  To digest refined foods, nutrient cofactors absent in the food must be stolen from body tissue, bones etc.  Unfortunately much of our processed food is unrecognized and damaging.  This synthetic  food, forms unnatural cellular bonds throwing off hormone function, energy production and healing processes just to name a few.  Many store as toxins and create “food born allergies” and eventually disease. Toxins store in fat.  The more toxins you need to store, the more storage your body will create. Want to lose weight?  Dump some toxins.

Is this You?
We eat these packaged items while driving our cars, talking on our phones, sucking down caffeine and watching our televisions.  These distractions often prevent the triggering of digestive enzymes to break food into useable calories.  Ever felt worse after a meal? What did you eat, and how did you eat it?

Could how you eat be contributing to those “symptoms”? You don’t have time, really?  You don’t have time to build your immune system and eat food in a manner it won’t revisit you for the next 2 hours?  Simple changes.  Big impact. 

The Solution….UnRefined
Get UnRefined is my prevailing theme that focuses on balancing healthy nutrient content and lifestyle.  I believe if I make it easy for people to understand and provide a path to follow, I can help people live healthier happier symptom free lives.