Weight Loss

Almost every client lists weight loss or weight management as a primary health concern.
Approaching weight loss with a standardized diet and exercise program leaves a couple of key components out of the equation.  The missing components are how, what, when and why as they pertain to your body chemistry.

Weight loss is chemistry
Giving your body the nutrients it needs and ridding it of the toxins and build-up it doesn’t need.  The chemistry is heavily influenced by your existing DNA and then altered by your actions. 

Excess weight is sign of body dysfunction and or lifestyle build-up. Simply put, bad habits like eating late, excess caffeine, lack of sleep, stress, fixing symptoms with pharmaceuticals instead of addressing their root cause. 

The Process
Understand How, What, When and Why

 you eat plays a key role in your body’s ability to process and assimilate nutrients thereby converting them to fuel for energy, immune support, etc.

t you eat further decides the quality of nutrients available to be utilized as building blocks, or stored as build-up (chemicals in foods).   It also determines satiety which directly impacts the volume of food you consume daily.

you eat influences the ability to maintain energy, muscle strength, sleep quality and hormone balance.

you eat can be driven by actual hunger, stress, hormone imbalances, and poor food choices.