What to Expect

Departure from “the diet”
Unlike a diet plan, our time is designed to fuel you with WHY.  Most of my clients are bright, busy individuals, and many already have significant amounts of knowledge pertaining to nutrition.  I seek to compliment your existing knowledge and build on it.  I live outside the package and believe we all stand to reap great benefit by becoming reacquainted with REAL FOOD and HOW to prepare and eat it.

That said, I am not a chef, and don’t enjoy spending a lot of time in the kitchen.  My approach is to offer you healthy, SIMPLE ideas and habits.

What my programs offer you:

•  Sustainability -We are creating a road map for your nutritional health.  This map will guide you down the path you have chosen.  It is not a short-term diet, though I encourage you to explore short-term restricted eating choices to aid your body in healing as you become nutritionally foundationally ready.

•  Information- I believe what you don’t know has impacted your health.   Together we can change that.  I have done your homework.  Unfortunately it seems to be our nature not to seek knowledge unless we have a reason.  Don’t wait until your reason becomes too big of an obstacle.

•  Personalization - I evaluate YOUR nutritional requirements from the perspective of how your body is currently functioning with respect to your personal goals to improving health.   We create a model based on your lifestyle and body that will best serve you.  Ideally, it will change over time as we explore what offers you the best results.

How am I Different?
I focus on whole food nutrition and balance.  There is no perfect way.  But there are a lot of donut filled potholes that can significantly impede health.  Unfortunately, there are very few who take the time to educate themselves on these life changing and even life saving basics.  From the role of antibiotics to antidepressants, why don’t we know more?  Can these symptoms be reversed?  My feeling, most of them, yes!  Ready to try with me?